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When it comes to fillings, there are a few different materials out there that are commonly used. Silver amalgam, gold, porcelain, and composite resin are all regularly used by dentists all over. Here at South Temple Dental, we use composite resin for our fillings. This allows us to create fillings that blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth. That’s not the only benefit to using composite resin for fillings though.

Supports Stronger Teeth

Fillings are most commonly used to help strengthen the tooth after a cavity has developed. Cavities weaken teeth and expose them to further damage. One of the benefits of composite resin is that it helps support stronger teeth. This is because a filling made from composite resin doesn’t typically require as much drilling as some other filling materials do. More of the natural tooth can be preserved, allowing the tooth to retain greater strength. Composite resin also helps reduce tooth sensitivity since the material conducts less cold and heat than amalgam fillings tend to.

Can Fix Chips and Cracks

Composite resin can be a more appropriate solution for more delicate repair projects than some other filling materials. After all, you shouldn’t need anything heavy-handed to deal with a chipped or cracked tooth. Because composite resin is durable, bonds quickly, and is tooth colored, it is ideal for repairing chips and cracks.

Potentially Repairable

It’s pretty normal for fillings to need to be replaced from time to time. Even those made from the most durable materials will need to be replaced eventually. Chewing food, grinding teeth, and clenching your jaw will all take a toll over time, after all. With composite resin, however, you may be able to put off a complete replacement and have the filling repaired instead. It’s not guaranteed, of course, but depending on the damage and degradation of the filling, a simple cleaning and repair job may be all that is necessary.

Any material used for fillings will have its own sets of pros and cons. Composite resin fillings are prone to staining, but they are more friendly on the wallet than other filling materials. Careful attention to oral hygiene and what you eat and drink can also help reduce staining. If you have questions about composite resin fillings or any other filling materials, Dr. Updike is always able to help you get the answers you need.

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