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Having a new baby in the home brings a whole new set of emotions with it. There’s the joy of bonding and watching them grow, and the love that blooms in your heart. Then there’s the frustration and tears when you’re trying to get them back to sleep for the twelfth time that night because they just won’t. stop. crying. There could be many reasons behind it. Have you considered that they might be teething?

Excessive Drooling

Babies can be pretty drooly by nature. After all, it’s a brand new body and they haven’t quite figured out what to do with it. They don’t know enough to care that their mouths are doing an impression of Niagara Falls from time to time. If the drool factor has recently been kicked up a notch (or several), teething could be the reason behind it. This has the potential to lead to a rash developing around the mouth, neck, and chin of the baby, so it’s important to not just let them drool all over all the time.


Irritability can absolutely be a sign of teething. Think about it for a minute. A sharp, pokey surface is forcing its way up through tender gum from the inside. It’s anything but a comfortable experience. It’s enough to make anyone fussy and irritable. If your normally cheerful, happy baby has suddenly become fussy, sad, or easily irritable and you’ve checked off the other boxes (clean diaper, full tummy, not tired, doesn’t appear sick, etc), there’s a good chance it’s because they’re teething.


Has your super sweet munchkin suddenly taken to biting anything and everything they can get into their mouths? They might be trying to soothe sore gums. The counterpressure created by biting something can help ease the discomfort experienced because of teeth growing up through the gums. Depending on what they decide to bite, that can lead to some pretty unpleasant experiences. Make sure they have access to things that are okay for them to bite that won’t cause problems for you.

Babies obviously can’t talk, which can make it especially frustrating and stressful when you don’t know what’s wrong. It’s hard to fix something when you don’t know what the problem is. As it turns out, the reason behind a few of the more inexplicable baby behaviors could be something as simple as their teeth getting ready to make an appearance.

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