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4 Tips to Prepare Your Child for School

After a long, fun summer break, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things when school comes around. Your kids might be used to the long days and late nights, not to mention an odd routine with traveling or a summer job. As you prepare for school to begin again, consider putting the following items on your to-do list.

Check the School Supply List

Many teachers provide a list of school supplies your kids will need for the coming year. Take advantage of the back-to-school sales to enjoy deep discounts on the items your kids will use all year long. Stock up on things that need to be regularly replaced like number two pencils, notebooks, etc.

Start the School Schedule Early

While it’s tempting to squeeze in every ounce of fun you can before the school year begins, your kids will benefit from establishing a normal routine at least a week before school starts. A week in advance, start waking up your children at the time they’d usually need to be up to get ready for school. Start abiding by school-year bedtimes if they differ from your summer schedule as well.

Making the switch earlier can help your child have the energy and habits necessary to hit the ground running, which can set a great tone for the new year.

Update Shots/Vaccinations as Needed

Your school should have a list of needed vaccinations (or waivers) prepared. Feel free to contact them with any questions or concerns.

Family doctors should also know whether your kids will need any new or updated vaccinations according to their age. Schedule your child’s yearly physical right before school, and your doctor should be able to answer any of your questions.

Schedule a Dentist Appointment

Make sure to set up appointments with a dentist in Salt Lake for your kids before the school year begins. Many parents don’t realize that dental health is an essential part of a child’s (and teen’s) overall wellness.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one chronic, infectious disease affects U.S. children more than any other—tooth decay.

Brushing and flossing is an essential part of tooth care, but dentists are able to deep clean teeth in a way that a toothbrush simply cannot. Regular cleanings can also help catch any issues while they are still small and simple to fix.

Untreated dental issues can escalate into difficulty talking and chewing, infections, and other serious conditions. Even if your children insist their teeth feel fine, schedule your appointment today.