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How to Keep Your Baby’s Teeth Clean

If you’re like most parents, you understand that consistent care for your child’s teeth can be a challenge. After all, you’re busy. If you need some encouragement, here are five tips towards healthier baby teeth for your child.

Early Bedtime

Children need more sleep than adults. Sometimes, there’s the temptation to let them stay up later than is best. Resist this urge. By setting an early bedtime for your child you’ll be less likely to push nightly brushing under the rug. There’ll be more time to tend to your child’s teeth. You also will not feel as exhausted doing this earlier.

No Sippy Cup

This one can be easier said than done if you have a fussy child. It’s easy to send your child off to bed with a sippy cup full of milk or juice. It helps to calm them down. Consistently doing so will bode badly for your child’s dental health, though. They’ll develop large cavities and rot on their teeth. They will be in pain as the cavities progress and will need dental intervention.

Healthy Diet

There’s increasing concern by nutritionists over the excessive sugar consumption most common in developed countries. There are even studies that suggest there is a link between sugar consumption and cancer. Dentists have bemoaned the terrible impact of sugar tooth health for years. Cutting down on your child’s processed sugar intake will cut down on the likelihood of cavities. As would be expected, lay off sugars the most right before bed.

Regular Dental Checkups

After your child’s first birthday is a good time to get them to the dentist. This begins a healthy life pattern for them and helps the dentist to deal with any issues that may arise early. Your child will enjoy seeing the dentist and learning about how to better take care of their teeth. They’ll likely get a toy from the “prize box” too which will make their day.

Get Your Child Involved

Teach your child at an early age that they’re responsible for taking care of their teeth. Sure, they’ll need help for quite a while. This will help you out in a number of ways once your child starts to take ownership. They’ll be able to remind you of the need to help them brush. It will also ease the time crunch once they’re old enough to brush their own teeth.

You can go a long way in helping your child form good dental habits that will last a lifetime. There’s no denying that baby teeth are adorable. Keep those teeth healthy and snap that camera.