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From Halloween to New Years, there’s no shortage of sweet treats and decadent dishes to enjoy during the holiday season. And while there’s no shame in enjoying the festivities, it’s possible that dental hygiene can fall by the wayside as a result. So to help you avoid any potential dental problems during the “most wonderful time of the year,” here are seven tips for holiday dental health from your friendly Salt Lake City dentist.


Avoid Hard Treats

Whether it’s candy canes, hard candy, or ice, chewing on hard foods can be, well, hard on your teeth. Plus, the sugar in hard candies promotes tooth decay, and small bits tend to get stuck on your teeth (and often isn’t removed fast enough to prevent plaque growth). Your best bet is to avoid these altogether.


Avoid Chewy Treats

Chewy treats, even more so than hard candies, have a tendency to stick around after you’re done chewing. That’s problematic for your teeth due to the high sugar content typical of these treats. Plus, stiffer treats like taffy and caramel can rip out dental work, including braces and fillings.


Avoid Nutshells

Don’t try to crack nuts open with your teeth. It may seem like common sense, but apparently, not everyone’s on board. Like chewing on ice, trying to crack nutshells with your teeth can crack, chip, or otherwise damage them. Use a nutcracker and save yourself the trouble.


Avoid Opening Things with Your Teeth

If there’s a theme for holiday dental health, it’s definitely to avoid things that might break them. Even if you can’t find anything else to do the job, don’t try to open bottles, clamshell packaging, or other containers this holiday season with your pearly whites.


Avoid Dark Colored Beverages

With all the effort we go to these days to ensure our teeth stay clean and white, it makes little sense to indulge in darker beverages that might stain them. From red wine to cranberry juice, to even just cola, these drinks have a tendency to stain your teeth and should be avoided if you want to keep them white.


Keep Your Routine

Whatever you do during all the festivities, don’t let your hygiene get lost in the shuffle. Continue brushing and flossing twice a day, and consider adding things like mouthwash and cinnamon gum, which both help kill bacteria in the mouth.


Schedule a Post-Holiday Appointment

Lastly, make sure you set up an appointment to check in with your salt lake city dentist after the holidays are over. Regular exams and cleanings are important to your oral health, and the start of the new year is a good time to get that done.


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