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We all know that eating junk food can have a negative effect on our health, but did you know there are certain foods that can also hurt your teeth? At South Temple Dental, we strive to educate patients so they can have the best possible oral hygiene, and that’s why we’ve gathered a list of 5 bad foods for teeth—so you know which foods to avoid in order to keep those pearly whites looking and feeling healthy. 

1. Carbonated Drinks

Most people know that soda is not a great choice, but it turns out that all kinds of carbonated drinks are very damaging to your teeth. Yes, that includes diet soda and even sparkling water. Carbonated drinks cause plaque to produce more acid, which attacks tooth enamel.

2. Sour Candies

All types of candy can damage your teeth, but sour and chewy candies are especially bad for teeth. Sour candy contains more acid that causes tooth decay, and the chewy types stick to your teeth for long periods of time.

3. Bread

There’s nothing more comforting than a soft slice of bread, but those delicious carbohydrates can cause cavities. Bread starches ultimately turn into sugar, and when you chew it, those sugars end up in the crevices of your mouth.

4. Ice

Ice is only water, so what could be so bad about that? Well, many people have a habit of chewing on ice, which can damage your tooth enamel over time and can even chip your teeth.

5. Citrus Fruits

Like carbonated drinks and sour candy, citrus is damaging to teeth because of the high acid content. The acid erodes tooth enamel, which destroys the protective coating on teeth and makes them more susceptible to other forms of decay.

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Avoiding these foods will help you to preserve the health of your teeth. And if you’re looking for other dental tips or are in need of dental care, contact us at South Temple Dental today. We offer a full range of services and are dedicated to delivering quality dental care to people across the Salt Lake Valley.