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Many dental procedures can now be performed using laser technology, including whitening teeth, and treating gum disease and tooth decay. It is often preferred because it is more comfortable than using a drill, and procedures can be completed in less time.

In most cases, laser dentistry is safer than traditional methods because there is no need to sterilize the equipment between uses and laser technology is extremely accurate.

However, there may be cases where laser dentistry is not the best option for a patient. Visit your dentist and discuss all treatments first to determine what is best for your teeth.

Pros & Cons of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is growing in popularity in the United States, but is laser dentistry safe? There are several benefits and minimal risks associated with most laser procedures.


  • Causes less pain, which means less anesthesia
  • Less bleeding and swelling in soft tissue areas
  • Lower chance of bacterial infections because sterilization is not needed
  • Wounds heal faster
  • Procedures take less time and provide quick results
  • Reduced anxiety for patients who are uncomfortable with drilling equipment
  • Pinpoint accuracy for less damage to surrounding tissues
  • Preserves more of the healthy tooth when removing a cavity


  • Certain procedures cannot be conducted with laser dentistry
  • Lasers can’t be used on teeth that already have fillings
  • May still require some anesthesia
  • Some procedures may still need to use drills and other tools to complete the job
  • May be more expensive than other methods

Is Laser Teeth Whitening Safe?

Whiter teeth is a popular request for dentists, and with alternative treatments becoming available, you may be wondering if laser teeth whitening is safe. Laser teeth whitening is performed in a dental office only and is achieved by applying a bleaching gel to the teeth and heating it up with a laser.

This process provides fast and noticeable results. Safety precautions are taken to protect gums and other tissues and to reduce tooth sensitivity, which makes it a great option for most patients. An examination from your dentist is needed to determine whether it is a good method for you. Laser teeth whitening generally costs more than home whitening trays and occasionally patients have increased sensitivity.

Laser Dentistry in Salt Lake City

To find out if laser teeth whitening or other laser dentistry is a good fit for you, talk to your dentist at South Temple Dental. We use EPIC laser dentistry, which is used for soft tissue surgery, whitening, and pain therapy. Learn more about the services we provide with laser dentistry in Salt Lake City or contact us to schedule an appointment today!