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Dental hygiene is vitally important to overall nutrition and health. Thanks to the improvement and variety of oral health products, it is so easy to maintain good tooth health, yet 92% of adults ages 20-64 have had dental caries, what most people know as “cavities,” in their permanent teeth and have an average of 3.28 decayed or missing permanent teeth.

In addition to fluoridated water and toothpaste, fluoride mouthwash benefits can help to make enamel even stronger and can be a great way to get a fluoride boost between brushings. Here are a few things to know about mouthwash before you purchase

What Is Fluoride?

The compound fluoride itself does not occur in nature; it is created completely from natural elements. Negatively-charged fluorine is found in water, soil, and rocks. When combined with a positively-charged ion like sodium that is often used in oral healthcare solutions, fluoride is created.

Fluoride Mouthwash Benefits

A study done through a school-based fluoride mouthwash program indicated that by using a 0.2% sodium fluoride solution, the DMFT (Decayed, Missing, or Filled Permanent Teeth) index decreased by an average of 51%.

So, does mouthwash work? Fluoride mouthwash can be very helpful in restoring enamel in teeth that are starting to show signs of decay. As a matter of fact, the remineralization process can make the enamel even stronger than it was before.

Another benefit of fluoride mouthwash is that you can use it for a quick rinse between brushings, or as an alternative when brushing is not possible immediately after eating. However, it is still vital to maintain your oral health through flossing and brushing your teeth. 

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