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We all have favorite drinks that we enjoy on a regular basis. These beverages often become a part of life. Whether you have a drink every once in a while as a reward, or you drink several every day, it is important to consider what types of drinks you enjoy. Some can be very harmful to your dental health. To help clear up what drinks might damage your teeth and lead to cavities and tooth fillings, here are some of the worst offenders.


You might call it soda or you might call it pop—whatever you call it, it all does the same damage. Soda is just about the worst drink for your teeth. This is true for a number of reasons. First, the sugar content will damage your teeth and can cause cavities. Second, the low Ph level makes soda acidic, so even the sugar-free varieties will do damage. On top of that, the sweetness of soda can make it habit forming, which leads people to drink a lot of it.

Sport and Energy Drinks

These drinks can be great for rehydrating but watch the sugar content. Sports drinks can eat at your teeth in the same way that sugar from soda damages them.


Fruit juices tend to have a lot of sugar, especially those made from concentrate. Be careful with drinks that are not 100 percent juice. Drinks like cranberry juice tend to have a lot of added sugar to counteract their natural bitterness. On top of that, juices are also acidic, which can eat at your tooth enamel.


Coffee is an interesting one. Coffee itself might actually be good for your teeth. However, the problem arises when sugar or other sweeteners are added to it. If you like your coffee black or just with cream, your teeth will be better off. Coffee can discolor teeth, though, so moderation is key.


How tea affects your teeth depends on what kind of tea you drink. Black tea is more acidic than green tea, and brewed teas tend to be better than iced tea. Again, added sugar is a major consideration and should be avoided at all costs.

Will These Drinks Lead to Tooth Fillings?

There are a lot of factors that go into dental health. How you take care of your teeth and the general health of your teeth matter. Drinking things like soda with regularity will likely put you on the fast track to dental work. If you do find yourself in need of tooth filling in Salt Lake City, contact South Temple Dental. In the meantime, enjoy a nice glass of water or milk.