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Utah Laser Dentistry at South Temple Dental

Have you heard the news about EPIC laser dentistry? It’s some exciting new technology we’ve started using at South Temple Dental, and it’s practiced by only a small fraction of today’s dentists. Imagine dental work without or with fewer stitches. That’s the kind of thing that can become a reality with laser dentistry.

Advanced Laser Dentistry Technology

If you have oral health concerns and have felt uneasy about visiting the dentist, then Utah laser dentistry is the answer. The EPIC laser was created by BIOLASE, and it is versatile and very effective. EPIC utilizes a diode laser with three unique therapy modes: Soft Tissue Surgery, Whitening, and Pain Therapy. This laser even has the capability to immediately get rid of cold sores and canker sores!

The Soft Tissue Surgery function of the dental laser not only has an incredibly precise cut but helps with clotting as it works to prevent more blood loss. It also minimizes the risk of bacterial infection, and EPIC does less damage to tissues, helping aid in healing times. This is an excellent tool for use in relieving lesions and abscesses.

The EPIC laser is great for pain therapy and can make common dental procedures, that are commonly considered painful, virtually painless!

Teeth Whitening Made Easy & Convenient

EPIC is also an ideal teeth whitening tool. In around 20 minutes of treatment, your teeth can become four to even six shades whiter! Furthermore, its precision induces less pain than traditional dental practices. One of the most promising things about this is that patients can undergo considerably less anesthesia with laser dentistry.

Another remarkable thing about our laser is the chance it offers people who have traditionally had dental phobias. Our Utah laser dentistry has improved dental procedures and lessened dental pain to the point where phobic patients are barely aware that they are having dental work done. At South Temple Dental, we care about your pain and want to avoid putting you through it.

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