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Emergency Dental Care in Salt Lake City

Emergency Care

Our staff is fully committed to meeting the needs of our patients, especially in emergency cases. Whether it be a toothache, broken tooth, or general discomfort in the mouth, if you have a dental emergency in Salt Lake City, make sure to call our staff. As an emergency dentist in Salt Lake City, we strive to meet the needs of our patients experiencing emergencies within the day. Ignoring or delaying dental treatment can increase the risk of permanent damage. Contact us today.


Periodontics is specifically concerned with the structures surrounding and supporting the teeth, the gums and bone. Everyone is susceptible to periodontal (gum) disease. Your chances of confronting larger issues in the future can be avoided with simple oral health at home and regular visits to our office.

Untreated and severe periodontics cases can travel from the mouth through the blood stream. They can have reaching effects, affecting the heart, liver, and other organs.

Dr. Updike and staff are ready to combat such cases. Contact our office today for treatment.

Night Guards

Grinding your teeth at night is detrimental to your oral health. Similar to a plastic retainer, a night guard will be individually and exactly fitted to your mouth and teeth. Teeth grinding will permanently wear down your teeth, opening them to an array of problems. The night guard will be used only during your sleeping hours to protect your teeth. Prolong your oral health even while your rest.