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Crowns & Sealants Tooth Restorations in Salt Lake City


Crowns are an important part of tooth restoration. A crown is a permanent covering that will restore the treated tooth to its original appearance. A correctly applied crown will protect and strengthen the affected tooth for years to come. Crowns are needed in the event of extensive decay or breakage.

Our office, located in the heart of Salt Lake City on South Temple provides porcelain, metal layered porcelain covered, and gold crowns. Crowns are a recommended and healthy option to combat and ultimately correct decay and structure loss to your teeth. Look no further for a dentist to fix your tooth with a crown in Salt Lake City.



We recommend tooth sealants when permanent teeth erupt to prevent future decay.  A white sealant is applied to the “chewing” surface of teeth to protect from future tooth decay. This application is simple and painless.

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