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See What Our Patients Have To Say About Their Experience At South Temple Dental

When I first went to South Temple Dental, I hadn’t been to the dentist in years, so I was really nervous about things– but they did everything they could to put me at ease, and helped me get my teeth back in order. Dr. Updike is a great dentist and I love the office staff.  I would recommend them to anyone.


I have severe dental anxiety and have had terrible experiences in the past with dentists. This location has friendly staff, professional assistants and Dr. Updike did a great job on my cleaning and fillings. They were very accommodating and sensitive to my anxiety. They have Netflix to watch while they do the work and are very considerate.


I stalled and stalled for nearly three weeks before finally deciding to have the cavity in my tooth checked out and fixed but after my visit to South Temple Dental, I realize there was no reason to stress. They did a quick, efficient job of filling the damaged tooth. The procedure wasn’t a big burden on the wallet either, though I had no dental insurance.


I called at 5:00 AM because I had toothache pain that kept me up all night. By 8:00 AM I got a phone call that they could have me in at 10:15 AM THE SAME DAY!! I decided to take the 2:15 PM appointment, and they had me in at 2:10 and out by 2:30. Though everyone may not have that same treatment, it was very efficient!

As for my experience, the hygienist was  friendly and the doctor was very careful while he was trying to identify the source of my pain, which was very nice compared to most dentists I’ve been to!

I had the option to watch Netflix while I was being worked on, but didn’t need it. He was able to explain the source of my pain by pointing out specific spots on my x ray, versus just telling me what was wrong. It’s nice to know what’s going on with your body, and I think he gets that.

If you take anything from my review, just know you’re in good hands with Dr. Updike and his team. Keep up the good work!


My husband and I have been going with Dr. Updike for the past 6 years. He provides excellent and professional dental services. Never have I felt he was overcharging us or recommending services that are not needed. In fact, in all his visits, Dr. Updike provides personal and patient-centered services. He is one of a kind. Soon my son (toddler) will have Dr. Updike as his main dentist.

His new office location demonstrate his attention to detail and providing a full service that is patient-focused. Each room is equipped with flat screens and speakers to watch your favorite Netflix show or listen to some music. From the front desk to the dental hygienist, all staff is professional and friendly. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.


I’ve been going to Dr. Updike for years. I drive in from an hour away because he does exceptional work and the whole staff is very friendly and attentive. Five stars.


Everyone at South Temple Dental was gracious and welcoming, making me feel relaxed and not at all like I was in a dentist’s office! Cleaning and tooth exam was highly thorough, with everything (I got to see x-rays and detailed pictures of the cavities I have in my back teeth, very cool) being explained before and throughout my appointment. I highly recommend!


Dr. Spencer is—in my view—the best Dentist I have ever used. He explains things, all work has been virtually painless, and his new office is not only classy and professional, but it has the most amazing views of Salt Lake City there could be. Great dentist, great staff. In my opinion, they are the best.