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Natural Teething Remedies

Many experienced parents can talk for hours about the horrors of their baby’s teething period. The teething period occurs when your baby’s first set of teeth start to protrude from their gums. You’ll certainly know when this happens as your child will be more prone to crying jags, crankiness and increased drooling. This article will introduce natural ways for you to provide relief for your adorable baby during their teething period.

Your Own Finger

Yes, you can soothe your baby’s teething ills with your own clean finger. Placing or massaging your finger on your baby’s sore gums can often ease the pain temporarily. If you don’t like the idea of your finger getting bathed in baby drool, you can use a cold spoon that was in the fridge or a wooden spoon. Wooden teething rings are also an option for pain relief for baby.

More Ice, Please

Many mothers swear by the cold when it comes to soothing their baby’s sore gums. There are a few things that you can freeze that will give your child some much needed pain relief. Just make sure to keep an eye out when your child is gnawing on something frozen. You don’t want to expose your child to potential choking hazards.

One cold item that you can use is a frozen washcloth. To use a household washcloth as a teething tool, simply wet it and place it in your freezer for about 20-30 minutes. Just when it first becomes cold and stiff, you can either place it on your baby’s gums or even let them chew on it until it becomes soft again. Just make sure that the washcloth that you use is too big to be eaten. The frozen washcloth should stay cold for a few minutes.

Tea For Two

Did you know that the chamomile tea that you drink in the mornings can help with your baby’s teething pains? Chamomile tea is actually an ingredient in some natural teething products sold worldwide. Many cultures have used chamomile as a natural remedy for centuries. Use this age-old medicine to cure your baby’s teething ails by placing your chamomile-doused finger on their gums or serving cooled tea on a spoon.

Your Own Natural Resources

During teething time, nursing can be an effective way to provide some comfort to your baby. What helps with the teething pain is the sucking, so give this method a try if other pain relief methods don’t work.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about your baby’s teething, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can give you additional tips, as well as recommend effective teething products and provide examinations, if needed.