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When was your last regular dentist appointment? Was it six months ago or sooner? Or are you one of the people who, for one reason or another, has a hard time making it in to see a dentist on a regular basis? If so, you’re in good company. There are lots of people who have a hard time seeing a dentist on a regular basis.


Dental anxiety impacts about a third of the population to some extent. There are a lot of reasons that could be behind a person’s fear of the dentist. Some may have had traumatic experiences in the past. Others may have learned their fear from parents or siblings who were afraid of the dentist.

If you struggle with dental anxiety, practicing meditation or stress management techniques can help. Try to arrive a little early for your appointment so you don’t feel rushed. Let us know if you struggle with fear or anxiety. We’re happy to answer all the questions you might have and do what we can to help you feel more comfortable.

Lack of Time

We’re all pretty busy these days. Between work, home life, and anything else you have on your plate, it’s easy to feel like you just don’t have time to stop in for a regular dental cleaning. You clean them regularly at home, so that should be good enough, right? Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true. Your teeth will do better when they are professionally cleaned.

It’s easier to find time when you put a dental appointment into perspective. A regular cleaning only happens on one day out of each six months and is generally no more than an hour. Our dental office hours vary throughout the week which can be helpful if you need an appointment that doesn’t cut too much into a 9-5 job.

Financial Concerns

Who isn’t concerned about their finances these days? Going to see the dentist just to have your teeth cleaned can feel like an unnecessary expense, or at least one that isn’t as important as, say, putting food on the table or keeping the power on. We’ll allow that dental cleanings should be ranked below those types of expenses. Still, it’s important to attend those appointments regularly.

Patients with dental insurance will find that the cost of a regular cleaning is typically going to be covered in full, at least if you’re coming in every six months for a regularly scheduled appointment. For some extra perspective, even if you have to pay for a cleaning out of pocket, it’s still going to be easier to pay for than more involved dental procedures that you might need if your teeth start to decay. Try setting aside a little money each month to help cover the cost if it isn’t covered by your insurance.

It isn’t always easy to attend your dental appointments on a regular basis. Things like fear, a lack of time, and financial concerns can go a long way towards discouraging anyone from going. That said, there are things you can do to overcome those challenges, which will be important for maintaining the health of your teeth.

It’s easier to feel comfortable going to the dentist when you’re seeing someone you’re familiar with. Get to know Dr. Spencer Updike a little better today.