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What is Dental Vibe

At South Temple Dental we are committed to ever increasing our ability to meet customers’ needs through customer service and advanced dental techniques. One of our newly added dental tools helps us meet these endeavors. DentalVibe® will change the way you think, or don’t think, of injection pain at South Temple Dental.


DentalVibe® is a dental tool that has changed the way we do numbing injections. While anesthetics, or numbing methods do allow you to be more comfortable after their application, we know the initial needle poke can be discomforting. DentalVibe® has changed this process for us.

The DentalVibe® is used for only seconds prior to, during, and after the anesthetic injections to reduce and even eliminate needle pain.  DentalVibe’s groundbreaking technology and methodology is founded on the “Gate Control Theory,” first explain in 1965 by Dr’s Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall.  The theory explains that only one sensation can pass through a neurological “gate” at a time, thus vibration will reach the brain in place of the needle-prick pain.

DentalVibe’s website explains the science in the following way, “Research shows that when two sensory stimuli are occurring at the same time i.e., vibration and injection pain, vibration reaches the brain fist and the feeling of pain is blocked.” This application of theory and technology allow you to have a more comfortable and pain-free experience at South Temple Dental.

Experience It Today

To change the way you experience dental work, contact South Temple Dental today. We are happy to help serve you and your dental needs, especially with DentalVibe® in our operatories. We are committed to your comfort and dental satisfaction, for healthier teeth, mouth, and life.


How It Works