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If you are missing one or more teeth, your dentist can bridge the gap using a dental bridge. This procedure offers many benefits and can give you more confidence by improving the aesthetics of your smile. A tooth bridge can also enhance the comfort of your bite, as well as improve your ability to chew and pronounce words.

But how is a tooth bridge done in Salt Lake City? South Temple Dental shares all you need to know about the process!

How a Dental Bridge Works

A tooth bridge is a pontic, or false tooth, secured in place by the teeth on each side of a gap in your mouth. These pontics are usually made from porcelain to better match the look of your natural teeth, but they can also be made from gold or other materials. The pontic is anchored into the mouth by cementing crowns over the natural teeth.

To get a tooth bridge in Salt Lake, the patient will have a bit of enamel removed from the natural teeth to make room for the crown. Then, impressions will be made to use as a model for the bridge. Next, the porcelain bridge will be put in and adjusted as needed to comfortably fit in place.

Types of Dental Bridges

Traditional dental bridges are used when a person has natural teeth on both sides of a gap. Though this is the most popular type of dental bridge, there are other dental bridges that can be used if the person only has one natural tooth on the sides of a gap. Other types of dental bridges include cantilever bridges, which are usually placed in the back of the mouth, and Maryland bonded bridges, which uses a metal framework to hold the pontic in place.

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