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While other types of cancers tend to receive more attention than oral cancers, however, these types of cancers are just as dangerous and need to be addressed. Men may be twice as likely to be diagnosed with oral cancer, but that doesn’t mean women shouldn’t be diligent in their oral health.

Here are 7 healthy habits that can help you prevent oral cancer.


1. Eat Healthy

Eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day to improve not only your overall health but your oral health. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, fresh produce is excellent for keeping your mouth healthy.


2. Don’t Use Tobacco Products

Tobacco is one of the leading causes of oral cancer and should be avoided in any form, whether cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or secondhand smoke.


3. Consume Alcohol in Moderation

Drinking more than 3 or 4 alcoholic drinks a day doubles your chances of being diagnosed with cancer. When consumed in large amounts, alcohol can break down your body’s defenses against cancer, leaving you more prone to the disease.


4. Exercise

Regular exercise seems to be the answer to most health issues, and oral cancer is no exception. Exercise helps boost your immune system, acting as a defense against all types of cancer, including oral.


5. Protect Your Lips

You remember to lather on the sunscreen, but do you take the time to protect your lips? Use a chapstick with SPF 15 or higher to keep your lips safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


6. Brush and Floss Daily

Not only does daily brushing and flossing protect your mouth from cavities, but it can also help decrease your chances of oral cancer since a healthy mouth is better equipped to fight off the disease.


7. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Finally, make sure that you visit your dentist regularly, preferably every 6 months. During a typical check-up, dentists inspect your mouth and can identify growths or sores that are likely to become cancerous. Be sure to do monthly checks of your mouth at home, too, and call your dentist if you see anything troubling.


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Taking proper care of your mouth is essential in the fight to prevent oral cancers, so make sure you see your Salt Lake City dentist for regular check-ups. Contact us today to make your appointment and learn more about oral health.