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Are you one of the nearly 130 million Americans lacking private dental insurance coverage? Are you also one of the millions of Americans suffering from poor dental hygiene or needing critical dental care? With these helpful tips, you can find out how to get the important oral care you need, even if you don’t have access to dental insurance.

Consider payment plans

Instead of assuming you have no options, consider shopping around for a dentist that offers payment plans. It’s not uncommon for many of today’s dentist offices to provide patients with repayment options as an alternative to insurance coverage.

Know what you qualify for

Some states offer low-income residents state-run dental insurance that covers basic, yet necessary dental procedures. While these programs often involve lots of red-tape and stipulations, they are worth looking into if you need dental care.

Seek out the students

The idea of going to student doctors for big dental procedures may seem absurd to you, but in reality many student dental schools have a reputable, respectable track record and offer an array of different dental services at a fraction of the price as private practices.

Keep memberships in mind

In-house dental memberships can be great alternatives to insurance. Instead of paying a monthly fee for insurance, memberships require individuals to pay a single annual fee for a set number of cleanings, exams, and occasionally some more elaborate procedures. Along with these services, your annual fee qualifies you for several discounts on other dental services you may require throughout the year.

Go to a charity event

Despite the fact that most dental practices are for-profit businesses, you’d be surprised to learn how many of these companies are committed to giving back to the community by participating in charity events aimed to help underinsured residents. Keep an eye out for free dental service days in your area. Along with dedicated charity “events,” many dental businesses offer mobile dental clinics, free in-office weekend visits, and more. These events are a great way to stay on top of your oral health.


If you’re looking for a dentist in Salt Lake City or are interested in learning more about how you can receive the care you need despite a lack of insurance coverage, contact the friendly experts at South Temple Dental, today.