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It is estimated that 50 percent of American adults aged 30 and over suffer from periodontal disease. Unfortunately, too many people don’t know the signs of periodontal disease. This is a dangerous situation to be in as gum disease is a chronic condition that can severely impact your oral health.

Periodontitis is a serious infection of the gums that is caused by bacteria that have been allowed to accumulate on your teeth and gums. As the disease progresses, it can damage your bones and teeth. This is why it’s important that you know the signs before too much damage is done.

Here are three common signs of periodontal disease.

Bleeding Gums

Normally, your gums shouldn’t bleed when you brush or floss them. If you aren’t keeping up with your routine flossing, bacteria can build up below your gums, which will cause them to become inflamed and bleed.

Even though it may be painful, flossing is still the correct option when your gums are bleeding. If you don’t, your gums may begin bleeding even when you aren’t brushing or flossing.

Gum Recession

Another common sign of the periodontal disease is gum recession. If your teeth seem to be getting “longer,” this is a sign that your gum disease is progressing.

Unfortunately, many people consider gum recession as a sign of age. There is nothing normal about gum recession. If not treated, the roots of your teeth can begin to be exposed, which will cause a lot of problems.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can be a sign of periodontal disease, especially if your gums are receding. When your gums become inflamed, the root surface of your tooth can become exposed, making your teeth more susceptible to decay, abfraction, and even potential tooth loss.

Periodontal Disease Treatment at South Temple Dental

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