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How much attention do you pay to your toddler’s teeth? Do you give them a quick glance during the obligatory morning and evening tooth brushings? Or do you pay close attention to their condition? Do you even know what you’re looking for? It’s tough to spot problems like tooth decay in toddlers if you don’t know what problems look like.

Visual Signs

Toddler teeth can be pretty tiny, which can make it tough to spot visual signs of tooth decay, especially if they’re a little reticent about showing off their pearly whites. Still, it’s important to watch out for visual indicators of tooth decay. A chalky white band close to the gum line or white spots are often the first visual signs, though they can be tough to spot. If left unchecked, that white band or spot will darken into a yellow, brown, or black band. Barring your child getting something like chocolate smeared onto their teeth, that is a sure sign of tooth decay. In cases of advanced decay, the teeth will look like brown or black stumps.

Behavior Signs

Your toddler’s behavior may give you some clues about the condition their teeth are in. Tooth decay isn’t exactly a comfortable thing to experience, so they may exhibit changes in their behavior. They may tell you their mouth hurts and be more fussy. They may shy away from eating things like sweets or foods and drinks that are hot or cold, since these things can make the pain worse.

Why It Matters

You may be tempted to brush off signs of tooth decay in your toddler at first. After all, they’re just baby teeth, right? Just because they aren’t permanent teeth doesn’t mean that their health isn’t important though. Tooth decay on baby teeth can negatively impact permanent teeth, even leading to them decaying. Plus, cavities can spread from tooth to tooth. If your child ends up with a mouthful of cavities, that’s almost certainly going to cause some trouble in terms of the health and beauty of their smile, as well as their overall health in general.

As a parent, you know how important it is to pay attention to your child’s health. That holds true when it comes to their oral health as well. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because they have baby teeth and not their permanent teeth that tooth decay isn’t a big deal. If you spot any signs of tooth decay, make sure to address those with a dentist as soon as possible.

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