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Missing teeth can make us self-conscious. Whether a tooth is missing due to injury or decay, it seems like everyone notices. Getting the missing tooth or teeth repaired will address the issue and help restore confidence. It is also a matter of health, as bone density in the mouth can be compromised when teeth are missing. The question is, which method of tooth repair is right for you? There are a lot of factors to consider, and it often comes down to two main options: implants or bridges.


Dental Bridges and Tooth Repair

Dental bridges are a common solution for repairing missing teeth. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth or teeth held in place between two existing teeth. The bridge is anchored to the existing teeth by filing them down so the bridge can be secured to them and ensuring the biting surface is level with the new tooth and surrounding teeth.

The advantages of dental bridges include the amount of time the procedure takes. A bridge can be completed over a few visits spanning a few weeks. The disadvantages of dental bridges mainly involve the damage done to the anchoring teeth. Filing down healthy teeth is irreversible and can lead to future decay in those teeth.


Tooth Repair Using Implants

Tooth implants involve a more invasive process than bridges. Implants first involve surgically placing a post in the jaw bone. The post will become embedded or anchored in the jaw as the bone heals around it. This process can take 3-6 months. Once the post is securely in place, an abutment is attached to the post and a new crown, or artificial tooth, is attached to that.

Advantages of implants include their permanence and appearance as they are maintained and look like natural teeth. The invasive nature of the surgical procedure and the time it takes to complete it are the main disadvantages.


An Economic Choice

So, which option is the most economical? That would be dental bridges. The less invasive nature and shorter timeline of placing dental bridges make them more affordable. On top of that, most dental insurance companies cover dental bridges, while many do not cover implants.

The choice between a dental bridge or an implant is a personal one. Talk with your dentist to determine which form of tooth repair is right for you. Contact South Temple Dental with any of your tooth repair questions or to make an appointment today.