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Before Purchasing Mouthwash

Oral health is important to living a good life. One of the tools used for good health is mouthwash. Therefore, it is highly advisable to know a little about the mouthwash you choose before you choose it.

What Type Of Mouthwash Is It?

There are two categories of mouthwash. Some are simply cosmetic while others are therapeutic. The differences here are actually quite important. Therapeutic mouthwash brands are actually used to help improve the health of one’s teeth. Cosmetic mouthwash brands are only used as a way to mask the smell of bad breath. Either type could be useful to someone, but it is entirely dependent upon what they are looking for.

Most dentists would recommend therapeutic mouthwashes in order to gain the maximum benefits. However, there are some locations which may only carry cosmetic brands, and this can be a decent substitute.

Alcohol In Mouthwash

For most mouthwashes there is alcohol contained within. There are some individuals who are sensitive to alcohol. It is important to look at the back of the mouthwash to check the level of alcohol. The Colgate website makes mention of the fact that some use astringent salts as a substitute for alcohol. If the label on the mouthwash says “no alcohol”, this is probably a substitute used.

Flavors And Varieties

The final consideration to make when it comes to mouthwash is the flavor and variety. The common flavors are things like “fresh mint” or “wintergreen”, but it is not surprising to see other flavors as well.

If getting mouthwash for small children, make sure that they understand that the mouthwash should not be swallowed. Although most mouthwash for children does not contain alcohol within it, there are still downsides to ingesting the substance. Many of the mouthwash brands made for children feature some of their favorite characters from television, and this could be appealing to them.

It is a good idea to get children to start using mouthwash at an early age in order to ingrain the habit and make them lifelong users of this product. It is good for their dental health and a great way to maintain fresh breath.