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Let’s face it—getting a filling probably isn’t the highlight of anyone’s day. But when you need a tooth repaired, you’ll be grateful for this common dental procedure. Here’s some information about fillings so when the day comes you need one, you’re prepared.

There are 4 types of fillings to choose between, each offering different benefits depending on your dental needs.

1. Silver Amalgam

Before porcelain fillings became standard, silver amalgam tooth fillings were the most commonly used. While they are typically less expensive than porcelain, their dark color makes them more visible in patients’ mouths, which is why they’re not used as often today.

2. Porcelain

The best thing about porcelain fillings is their ability to blend in easily with the color of your teeth, which is perhaps why they’re currently the kind most patients opt for. With a higher price tag than silver, these fillings tend to be just as effective.

3. Composite

While composite fillings are the cheapest option available, they are also the weakest of the four filling types. The upside, though, is that they can be made to perfectly match the color of your teeth, so they easily blend in.

4. Gold

The most expensive of the four options, gold fillings aren’t nearly as popular as porcelain or composite. Gold fillings are often considered the best, most durable type of filling available, however, the price tag and dark coloring are usually what deter patients from choosing them.

We Can Help!

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