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Many people avoid or procrastinate their child’s dental cleanings, which can lead to serious oral health problems, including gum disease and permanent tooth loss. The common theme associated with putting off dental appointments is that there doesn’t appear to be a problem, or in other words, “Nothing hurts so I don’t need to worry.”

However, there are many important reasons for your child to schedule a visit with a pediatric dentist regularly and keep those appointments. Find out why South Temple Dental recommends your children visit a pediatric dentist twice a year for a cleaning and checkup.

Why Do I Need a Cleaning?

Even if your child brushes and flosses like a champ at home, it is important that they have their teeth cleaned semi-annually to keep their teeth and gums healthy. A dental hygienist will use special tools to scrape away tartar and bacteria that build upon your child’s teeth and below the gum line. A toothbrush simply isn’t capable of removing all of those things on its own. This helps with the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease. The hygienist also uses a polisher to clean and shine the surface of your child’s teeth, keeping their smile bright and beautiful.

Health Concerns

There are a number of health concerns that may arise with the delay or absence of regular cleanings. If you haven’t had your child’s teeth cleaned for the first time, they may need a deep cleaning or scaling and root planning to get everything that has accumulated. In addition to preventing gum disease and tooth decay, your child’s pediatric dentist will recognize any potential threats and catch them early on. Small cavities can be treated before they cause you any pain, and before they progress to an abscess in need of a root canal.

Other Benefits

Many simple procedures can be performed quickly and at a relatively low cost. More serious dental procedures, however, can often be pricey and require a significant time commitment to treat. You most likely have dental insurance that covers two cleanings each year, and you are already paying for this benefit, so you might as well take advantage of it! You’ll save yourself time, money, and possible pain by stopping problems before they start.

Pediatric Dentist in Salt Lake City

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